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Cambridge Colleges Pros and Cons

Choosing a university in the Cambridge Colleges to take a higher education course abroad is a winning bet. Recognized and internationally respected diplomas, a long experience receiving international students and thousands of attractions and tourist places that any adventurous student should know.

1. Short and effective programs

Normally, an undergraduate course in the Cambridge Colleges lasts for three years, while a Master’s degree lasts for one year. Compared with other countries, such as the United States, the period of study in the Cambridge Colleges is shorter but very intensive and focused exclusively on the subject of study.

In this way, you will have the possibility of finishing your studies more quickly, but acquiring in that time the skills you need to start looking for a job and start your professional career, either in the Cambridge Colleges, or in your country of origin.

2. Good cost-benefit ratio

Given that the time to complete the course is less in the Cambridge Colleges than in other countries, you will also end up paying less for your studies-especially in the monthly cost of living.

Although studying in the Cambridge Colleges requires a good financial investment, you can be sure that it will be worth it. It is true that you can find cheaper undergraduate and postgraduate courses in other parts of Europe and even in other continents, but it is quite likely that you will not have the same guarantee in terms of the quality of education as in the Cambridge Colleges.

There are also several funding opportunities, and many universities have scholarships available for international students. Being registered in a long-term university program in the Cambridge Colleges (more than 90 days), your student visa allows you to use the health service free of charge and work up to 20 hours per week during the study period or full time during the holidays .

3. Cultural diversity

For its history, for its many tourist attractions, for hosting a global financial center and having one of the most cosmopolitan capitals in the world – London – the Cambridge Colleges attracts tourists and students from the most remote places on the planet. For this reason, what you will find when you arrive in the Cambridge Colleges is almost unique worldwide: a mixture of cultures, religions and languages; an international environment in which you can quickly integrate and a society fully prepared to welcome all the people who come from other countries.

In fact, universities in the Cambridge Colleges are experts in receiving international students because of the long experience that the country has with different communities. You will have the opportunity to live in a multicultural society, surrounded by many other dynamic cities, such as Cardiff, Nottingham, Edinburgh or Belfast, which are full of incredible experiences available to do and that will fascinate you immediately.

4. Qualifications recognized around the world

Remember: a diploma from a British university will be globally valued in your resume and will leave you many doors open to start a successful career and achieve a better salary. The qualifications acquired in the Cambridge Colleges are highly recognized internationally and even the British teaching system encourages exchange and prepares students for the challenges of the global market

5. Native English country, with many other languages offered

If you intend to improve your English while doing your university course, then there is no better place to do it than the Cambridge Colleges. In addition to learning in English the concepts of your area of interest, you can also practice the language outside the classroom with your friends and colleagues. On the street, in the house and even on walks around the country, you will have the chance to hear the characteristic British accent. If you cannot imitate, do not worry: the British are used to different accents and will help you as much as possible to return to your country with almost perfect English.

In addition to the incredible number of English schools available, which also attract many international students, in the Cambridge Collegesyou, will find the perfect course in the language you always wanted to learn to differentiate yourself from others: the offer is extensive and much diversified.

Cons of Cambridge Colleges

It is more expensive than other places and there are a lot of accents that can be somewhat confusing. Students, who are familiar with the United Kingdom, choose to live with their friends or other students in apartments or shared houses. If you manage directly with an owner or through an agency, it can be more difficult to manage especially if you are coming for the first time. Cambridge Colleges are very far from each other, which can complicate knowing other places in the country.

Points to consider when renting in this way:

  • You must sign a contract, which is legally binding.
  • You must pay a deposit to the owner or agency and you will be responsible for the bills and expenses as well as the rent.
  • It will be harder to share with someone who has time to give help or advice.
  • You will have fewer opportunities to develop your English and learn about British culture, especially if you do not share with local people.
  • If you look for someone to do my assignment, it will be hard because of the required quality at Cambridge.
  • You will probably have more independence and may have visitors when you want.
  • This type of rent is more expensive than living with a family.

Cambridge College’s loan is a boost for students who choose Britain for the prestige of their universities and the opportunity to live in English that represents, says Miguel Moran. But we must not forget that, despite having it, the disbursement to be made is still strong, warns experts, who estimates that the student can spend between 800 and 1,000 additional euros per month on accommodation and food.

Last Words

Overall expert points out three advantages of the Cambridge Colleges is that it is much more practical and has personalized support for the student, that the failure rate is very low (mainly because the students are responsible for being the ones who pay for their training, not their parents, hence the importance of loans) and the percentage of placement exceeds 86%.