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Films to Watch Before you Die – Top 9 Movies To Watch Now

Movies are something that is seen by everyone. Not only the earlier people like to watch movies but in today’s world, the young chaps and the older people also watch the movies. Movies indeed have a great impact on one’s life. So it is beneficial for you to watch movies. People usually watch movies to pass the time or to feel content. No matter how busy you are you need a break too and for that, you must watch a movie. The reason for this is that watching movies make you smarter enough and it is stated that when you watch the movies you learn a lot from them.

There are many different sorts of movies. it entirely depends upon your mood that what are you wanting to see. Either you look for a documentary, fiction, action, drama, sci-fi, romance or whatever. There are some people who have got hobbies to watch movies as well? Are you one of those? If yes then today we will be telling you some movies that are a must to watch before you die. Sounds crazy, isn’t it??


The first movie which is pretty renowned watches it before you die is Titanic. This is indeed a marvelous story with a great plot as well. The characters in this movie have tremendously worked hard and appeared like the real characters. The producers wanted to give this real-life story a life and for this, every possible measure was taken. You may also have heard about this movie, now it’s time for you to watch it if you haven’t watched it so far.

Pursuit of happyness

The second best movie is the pursuit of happyness. This is the inauguration of Will Smith and he himself has cast in the movie. This is the best movie sofa and I must watch if you are a movie lover as you are going to love it. Is inspired by the true movie and again just like the Titanic movie this has got the best ever.


Inception is the next movie which is a must to see. In this movie, Leonardo does the best work. Leonardo plays the role of a robber and he has got potentials to take out the secrets from people’s mind subconsciously. So if you are a thrill lover then this one is for you.

Shaw shank Redemption

The next on the line is Shaw shank Redemption. This is so far the best drama mystery and thriller movie. When this movie came into being nearly 96% people liked it. The plot of this movie is that a person is put into prison for 19 years as for the reason he did two murders, one for the wife and one for the wife’s lover. Watch this movie to see what comes up next.

Good Will Hunting

Up in the line next is Good Will Hunting. Mr. will be a genius person. this movie is a drama movie. In this, the actor solved nearly every mathematical issue that came in his way. the skills that he had were only identified by the professor.  Mr. will be then arrested as he attacked over the police officer. Soon the professor and Mr. will make a program that he is going to let him escape and claim that Will was mentally ill.


The next is interstellar! This one is for those who are curious about the space and what is going in the space. This movie, uncensored all those parts of space which were hidden. The astronauts in the space have done a marvelous job. See what it is for you?

The Prestige

The Prestige is again for those who are a science fiction or a thriller lover. This movie includes some of the magicians to and there was a tragic death of one magician’s assistant. What a great story it is with the best plot. So if you cannot maintain the thrill and you want to see what the end watches this movie.

The Martian

The Martian is one of the best movies which is a must watch before you die, if you haven’t seen this then see this immediately, because if you haven’t seen this movie so it means you have seen nothing. The story for this movie is a drama basically which last for about two and a half hour. How the best words were in cooperated with the best actions if you want to see this then watch this movie.


Gladiator, you may have heard about this as well. Not only have you heard about its popularity but the best actors who cast in it. This one again is a drama movie which tells you about the Roman Times. How the journal becomes a Gladiator is what the story is about.

We hope we have named the best movies which are a must to watch before you die. Watch these instantly as you are going to miss, if you do not see them!